Friday, April 11, 2014
By Amy Mergard
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This session came about as a result of some friends of Harper's mum purchasing a gift voucher from me as a baby shower gift.

Isn't that the sweetest idea?

(Hint for all of those who are attending baby showers and have no idea what to get for the mum-to-be that has everything!!)

We had a clear vision for the image style, and a small area to work in, so I decided that I'd tap into the slightly alternative side of Harper's parents and be a little creative with my positioning... which resulted in me balancing on the back of a lounge and shooting down at the family while they played and giggled below - the lengths I'll go to just to get a great image!!

The angles are a little offbeat, but that's what makes this set of images unique - just like this awesome little family.

Take a look:


Friday, April 04, 2014
By Amy Mergard
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It's been a whirlwind week of Garage Sales, Logo Designing, Booklet layouts, and mass-quantity photo culling, so this week's post is gunna be short & sweet.


How many times, as a parent of an active kid, you've thought to yourself "Man, I just wish they would stay still long enough so I can get a nice picture of them!"


SO - I'm going to share with you my secret to getting those amazing shots of your children looking straight down the barrel of your lens. You know the one I'm talking about...


It's a simple trick I picked up a few years ago, and it hasn't failed me yet.

All I do is tell the child I have a magic trick to show them with my camera. I have them sit down in the spot where I'd like them to be, then tell them that they need to look in the 'little glass bit' (ie the lens), and if they smile, they might just see a butterfly flutter about in there.

If they're a little bit older, I tell them that they'll see me winking.

Or, if they're old enough to understand how cameras work, I tell them that they will see the shutter open and close if they look hard enough.


Simple, isn't it?!


I find it best works when using my 50mm Prime lens, as there are less elements of glass between the front of the lens and the shutter, so the effect is much more dramatic, and it draws them in much easier. It also results in that lovely natural look of curiosity in your childs eyes.... sometimes!

Other times, it evokes other less flattering expressions. Like this one:


But, most of the time, you'll end up getting yourself what I like to call a "Double Whammy" image - one where they're looking at you, but you're also capturing a part of their personality.


What parent could resist such an image?!?

Next time you're out taking photos of your children with your DSLR camera, why not give this a try? I'd love to hear how it went for you :)

Friday, March 28, 2014
By Amy Mergard
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I was thrilled to bits when Bella's mum requested a Cake Smash session.

If you've never heard of it before, here's the general idea of what a cake smash session entails:

1: Child is placed on the floor.

2: A large and beautifully decorated cake is placed in front of the child.

3: The Child is actively encouraged to do whatever they like to said cake - sit on it, squish it between their fingers, eat it, rub it all over their face. Anything goes. And the messier the action is, the better.

4: I photograph the child as they set about to destroy the cake placed in front of them.

These sessions are a particular favourite of mine, as they give you a true and honest insight to a child's psyche. Some children have absolutely NO problem covering themselves head to toe in cake, others are repulsed by even having a touch of icing on their fingers. But the bit I love best is seeing the glimmer in every child's eye when they realise that this is food that they are not only ALLOWED to play with, but that they're ENCOURAGED to play with! It's not long after that realisation sets in that the best and messiest photos start being captured!

It didn't take much for Bella to work out what was going on. As soon as the cake was within reach, she was lunging for it! 

Here are some of the best:

little girl in tutu with PomPom garland Smash cake

The pompom garland is the first to go

little girl in zebra pettiskirt eating icing from smash cake

First taste of the icing... 


Little girl in zebra & purple pettiskirt with smash cake

She still maintains her ladylike poise even when surrounded by cake crumbs!

little girl in purple zebra pettiskirt pulling apart smash cake with her fingers

Nothing beats the feeling of squishing cake between your fingers

...I think somebody's enjoying this!

The sugar rush is about to set in...


Friday, March 21, 2014
By Amy Mergard
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It's always great to catch up with former clients again, especially when it involves additions to their family!

Elsie is such a beautiful little soul, full of zeal, and in awe of all that surrounds her. She had me mesmerised by those gorgeous expressive eyes of hers from the moment I pulled out the camera and started shooting.

Of course, the session was made so much better by the interaction of her Mum, who's chit-chat put Elsie at ease, and brought out the smiles that she's renowned for.

Here's a sample of what was captured during our time together.

baby on quilt
- such a beautiful, pensive expression -

baby with rattle
- oh, hi there! - 

baby plays with toy sheep
- look at those gorgeous little curled-up toes -

baby on quilt
- I love the little duck lips that babies get! -

smiling baby with toy

mother holds smiling baby

happy baby laughing at mother

mother & daughter

mother & daughter cuddling

mother watches baby sucking her thumb

Friday, March 14, 2014
By Amy Mergard
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This was such an enjoyable photo session.

Thanks to Georgia's contacts, we were able to photograph in one of Young's best looking backyards, decked out with a beautiful old bridge and cottage. But my favourite element would have to be the chickens, who roam freely throughout the landscaped gardens. Some of these chickens went on to make a cameo appearance in some of our shots!

Here are some of the images from the day.